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Previous Award Winners


2022 ASM Awards - NZSSD Best Oral Health Care Delivery

Ruth Hughes

2022 ASM Awards - NZSSD Best Poster Nurse / Allied Health

Nic Cao

2022 ASM Awards - NZSSD Best Oral Student

Cicely Barron

2022 ASM Awards - NZSSD Best Oral Nurse / Allied Health

Odette Hart

2022 ASM Awards - Mediray Best Poster Student

Mercedes Burnside


Summer Studentship

Waikato DHB/University of Waikato, Dr Ryan Paul and Dr Lynne Chepulis; University of Otago Wellington Dr Rosemary Hall and University of Auckland Dr Stuti Misra, A/Prof Geoffrey Braatvedt, A/Prof Craig Jefferies, Prof Paul Hofman

"Waikato DHB/University of Waikato: "Establishing the first New Zealand adult site for the Australasian Diabetes Data Network ADDN" - Dr Ryan Paul and Dr Lynne Chepulis; University of Otago Wellington: "Identifying the management of diabetes in pregnancy during labour and delivery" - Dr Rosemary Hall; University of Auckland: "Ocular complications of diabetes in a paediatric population" - Dr Stuti Misra, Associate Professor Geoffrey Braatvedt, Associate Professor Craig Jefferies, Professor Paul Hofman"

Sanofi Award 2020

Lola Mugisho

"Using human donor eye tissues to understand inflammasome involvement in diabetic retinopathy"

Pharmaco and i-SENS Inc. 2020

Patricia Whitfield

"The metabolic effects of a CREBRF gene variant in NZ women"

NZSSD Award 2020

Claire O'Shea

"The management and outcome of diabetic foot disease"



Rosie Dobson

"Long term effectiveness of SMS4BG"
Pharmaco Diabetes and i-SENS Inc.

Ben Wheeler

"The impact of flash glucose monitoring on sleep and physical activity among adolescents with suboptimal glycaemic control"

Sanofi Award

Lynne Chepulis

"The effects of maternal diabetes on the neonatal gut microbiome"