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Available Awards & Grants

Research Awards

We are pleased to again offer the NZSSD grant of $10,000  (GST excl.) to a non-medical Society member who has not previously been awarded a research grant, and the iSens Pharmaco grant of $20,000 (excl. GST).

Financial membership of at least 12 months is a pre-requisite.

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Summer Studentships

NZSSD is pleased to announce that it will support three studentships for $6000 (incl. GST) for the 2021/2022 summer.

Projects must be diabetes related and appropriate supervision needs to be provided by the host institution.

The supervisor must have been a member of NZSSD since at least 1st January 2021 and employed by a university, public hospital or other institution in New Zealand.

Supervisors are expected to find their own student if awarded the studentship. As such, supervisors should consider this before applying.