Abstract Submissions

The closing date for abstracts has passed - decision 22 March.

You can either submit your abstract summary AND the abstract itself using this external secured form (requires a Google account) or you can use the below secured form to submit your abstract summary alone (no google account required) and send the abstract to info@nzssd.org.nz by 5 pm 1 March 2019no extension will be given.  Please email info@nzssd.org.nz to advise the abstract has been submitted

Your abstract should be a word document using the following settings:
Calibri font
Font size 10
1.5 line spacing
Title of paper should be in BOLD CAPITALS.
Name of the presenter should be underlined
Affiliations/institutions should be in italics

The abstract should include:
A concise and explanatory title
Author’s first name, surname & affiliation(s)
Presenter's identity shown by underlining
A brief statement of aims, objectives, methods, results and conclusions (SUBTITLES in bold BUT NOT underlined or italicised) 
Tables may be included but must be included in the word count (≤ 300) which will be checked