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Research Awards


The Research awards are annual awards announced at the ASM in May of each year.

Applications open early in the new year with a mail drop announcement and all relevant information about the criteria and process of applications are posted on this webpage.

In 2024, there are two Research awards available to applicants:

  1. NZSSD Emerging Researcher
  2. Pharmaco-i-SENS Award
The guidelines for research proposals are included below.

Financial membership of at least 12 months is a pre-requisite.

Additionally, NZSSD also recommends members consider submitting applications to the NZDRF 2024 Diabetes New Zealand Research Foundation Fellowship. Click HERE for more information.

NZSSD Emerging Researcher

Award value: $20,000 Max. (GST excl.)

Applications open: 19 Feb 2024

Applications close: 28 Mar 2024

NZSSD are pleased to be able to offer a research grant of up to $20,000 to be awarded to an emerging researcher/first time applicant society member who has not previously been awarded a research grant.
Please provide a research proposal based on the guidelines attached.   

(click the 'More Information' button to download the guidelines document)

Applications must be made online 

More Information Apply Here